23rd of June 2018

Music is a huge part of every city’s culture. Thus, a visit to Moscow would only be complete if you were able to enjoy listening to its music. But where to go for some good Moscow music? Here are some perfect places:

Barbara Montes Club
25/1, Lubyansky Proezd,
Metro: Kitai-Gorod

For those who are up to a great time listening to all sorts of live Russian music, then Barbara Montes Club should not miss your list. The club is where some of the country’s best bands (in terms of quality and sound) play. People who visit the place range from yuppies to college students.

Arkheologiya Club
4, Rozanova Ulitsa,
Metro: Begovaya

A relatively small club, Arkheologiya Club is the place to-be for pure ethnic music, mostly from the country. Defining themselves as the source for “folk-bard-rock” in Moscow, listening to the music played in the club will also enable you to get-to-know Russia’s culture more.

Ikra Club
8a, Kazakova Ulitsa,
Metro: Kurskaya

Providing quality live music in the city, Ikra Club will definitely not disappoint you as far as music is concern. Specifically designed to host concerts, the club has been attracting a number of international and national acts. It has a brilliant sound system and a good atmosphere that would make a decent-sized crowd feel comfortable.

A night of music in the city would not be a bad idea to complete your visit in Moscow.

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