Exciting Activities In Moscow

Moscow offers a lot of things to do for the traveler seeking a fun-filled time. The city is a bustling and vibrant capital with a wide choice of activities to a traveller. The city is a living history lesson; at the same time a modern cosmopolitan offering the good life to its visitors. Whether you choose to have your picture taken on the Red Square or opted to shop for some vodka; you’ll surely enjoy your stay in Moscow.

Each visitor to the city should never miss a visit to one of Moscow’s most recognizable symbols—the Red Square. Contrary to popular belief that the square was named after the Communist Party’s color of choice, it has been named that way ever since. Red Square has been the main place for Muscovites. A tour of the Red Square offers a day filled with excitement and wonder. You can do a tour of the Kremlin while you are at it.

You begin your historical tour with a stroll to St. Basil’s Cathedral, which offers a surreal experience as if you were able to travel back in time. This structure is filled with ornaments depicting the life, culture and beliefs of the Russian Orthodox.

Within the Red Square you can find a lot of specialty shops and high-end retail stores where you can do some shopping. Don’t worry if you can’t afford these specialty boutiques; you can find affordable stores at the same place. There is a strip of restaurants and cafes if you want to grab a bite or have some coffee. Also, it is a good thing to see the mummified remains of Russia’s communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Check with your tour operator for the visiting hours at the Lenin Mausoleum.

Kremlin, which is Russian for fortress, is the symbol of power in Russia. In fact, every major city in Russia has a Kremlin. The Kremlin is open to visitors, which is a historical treat and the major point of interest in Moscow. It is highly recommended to have a guided tour to make most of your sightseeing in Moscow.

There are several points of interest in Kremlin which includes: The Cathedral of the Assumption; Cathedral of Annunciation; Cathedral of St. Michael Archangel; Ivan the Great Bell Tower; Church of the Deposition of the Robe; The State Armory and the Czar Bell and Cannon.

If you want a sampling of Muscovite culture; head off to the Bolshoi Ballet Theater. This world-renowned theater is Russia’s biggest. It is capable to seat at least 2,000 theater goers. The theater is adorned with 19th century ornaments and has five tiers of seating. Designed using the Russian neoclassicism style; the theater underwent major restoration work and has been open to the public in certain occasions since 2005.

If you want to push the cultural envelope further; sample more culture by riding the Moscow Metro. The stations along the downtown area are filled with classical artwork and fine chandeliers. Prominent Russian artists were tasked during the Communist-era to design a station and make it a showcase of the Communist regime’s grandeur.

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you are; surely Moscow has a lot of things that will make your visit worthwhile.