Architecture in Moscow is known throughout the world. Among the city’s well-known architecture sites are the Cathedral of St. Basil, Seven Sisters, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Tourists from all over the world should always include visiting these sites in their itinerary.

Joseph Stalin and Moscow Modernization

For years, a large number of Orthodox churches dominated the city’s view. This however changed in the Soviet times, when Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin led a large-scale effort to make Moscow a modernized city. Stalin introduced roadways and avenues as broad as ten lanes in width.

Unfortunately, Stalin’s projection of Moscow as a modern city also compromised a great number of structures with historical and architectural significance. Among those destroyed during the modernization of city is the Sukharev Tower, which was one of the city’s best-known symbols and landmarks.

Despite destroying many important buildings in Moscow, many would still commend Stalin for what he’s turned the city into. He is also credited for the construction of The Seven Sisters, which comprise seven, cathedral-like structures. All of the seven towers can be seen in the city’s skyline; they are among the central city’s tallest structures.


Because the Soviet times destroyed many important structures of the city, attempts are being made to bring back Moscow’s best-kept treasures during the pre-Soviet rule. Many of the restorations made though were criticized because it was perceived to have disrespected historical authenticity.

Organizations, such as the Save Europe’s Heritage and the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society were established to promote and support the preservation of historical and architectural sites of the city.