Food lovers will definitely not get disappointed with what Moscow has to offer in terms of dining. With its wide array of options that range from Mongolian to Scandinavian and Vietnamese among others, even the most fickle diner will find a place to eat in the city that will satisfy their food cravings.

Below are some recommended restaurants to try when in Moscow:

Protochny per. 11
(495) 777-3300

Tinkoff is a 2-storey restaurant with a very industrial design. It boasts of its own microbrewery sitting behind a glass barrier to give visitors a glimpse of the process. Every season, the restaurant features a new addition to its collection of house beers. Its huge menu provides diners with many options for all occasions; it even has its own sushi bar headed by a chef from Japan.

T.G.I. Friday’s
Ul. Tverskaya 18/2
(495) 694-39-21, (495) 650-24-97

The Moscow branch of the famous American chain has captured the hearts of many food goers for its jovial waiters dressed in funny clothes. Aside from this, its magnificent cocktails have been praised by a number of customers already. T.G.I. Friday’s offers a good venue for large (and noisy) groups who want to chat while they eat and drink.

Pushkinskaya ploshchad 5
(495) 650-2498

One of the city’s few teppanyaki restaurants, Benihana offers its diners its own notion of “food as entertainment”. Showcasing food artistically cooked on teppans, customers will have a time of their life in the food establishment.

Food has always been a part of one’s tour experience. So when in Moscow, make sure you make the most of this, and try as much as you can the city’s wide offerings.