With a wide range of sports facilities and venues in Moscow, sports enthusiasts will have a time of their life enjoying the city. Get ready to stretch your bones and cheer your heart out enjoying Moscow’s sports venues. Here are some of them:

CSKA Ice Palace
Leningrad Prospect 39

Catering to those with interest in ice sports, CSKA Ice Palace is an indoor arena with 5600 seats. Measuring 60 x 31 meters in surface area, the arena which was built in 1991, is also the place to catch ice hockey games in the city.

Olympic Pool

Formerly known as Swimming Pool of the Central Lenin Stadium, the Olympic Pool is an aquatic center – part of the Luzhniki Sports Complex. Opened in 1957, the 10,500-seat venue has served as host of the 1980 Summer Olympics water polo events. A number of prestigious water sports events in the country have also been held in the center.

Trade Unions’ Equestrian Complex

An equestrian venue, Trade Unions’ Equestrian Complex has hosted the various equestrian events during the 1980 Summer Olympics.

CSKA Moscow Stadium

Officially opened in 2010, the CSKA Moscow Stadium is a multi-use stadium with a seating capacity of 30,000 people. It was built mainly to host most of the city and the country’s football matches.

Druzhba Multipurpose Arena

Erected in 1979, the Druzhba Multipurpose Arena is an indoor arena with a capacity of 3,900. It hosted a number of major indoor sports events, including the 1980 Summer Olympics volleyball preliminaries and the 1986 Goodwill Games for judo, freestyle wrestling, and women’s basketball.

Complete your visit in Moscow by watching a match or two in any of the city’s main sports venues.