Considered one of the capitals in the theater world, theater fanatics would be very impressed with what Moscow has to offer. Whether you are eyeing for a good performance or just looking for sheer entertainment at night in the city, theaters in Moscow will add color and life in your visit.

Below are some of the city’s top theaters:

Moscow Arts Theatre (MKhAT)

Founded in 1898, Moscow Arts Theatre (MKhAT) has also marked modern drama’s birth in the city. By bringing together radically new plays and method-acting techniques, MKhAT made way for fresh and realistic theater; breaking radically the classical tradition of European drama. This kind of approach to theater has continuously influenced many theater productions throughout the world.

Maly Theater

Although not as famous as some of Moscow’s top theaters, Maly Theater has gained popularity in the 19th Century as it held a number of political and social satires. Among the playwrights who made their first performance here are Alexander Ostrovskiy, Alexander Griboyedov, and Nikolai Gogol.

Bolshoi Theater

Home of the world-renowned, Bolshoi Ballet, the Bolshoi Theater was built by Osip Bove in 1824. It began as a dancing school for Moscow Orphanage in 1773. Although the theater has been overshadowed by St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theater for years, Moscow’s restoration as the county’s capital gave its prominence.

Praktika Theatre Theatre

For fresh Russian theater productions with a lot of contemporary dance and new drama, the Praktika Theatre Theatre is the place to be. It also offers workshops in theater, yoga, and contemporary dance.