Already Europe’s most populous city, Moscow makes up one-tenth of Russia’s entire population. Thus, it is unquestionably the familial heart of the country. Traveling around the city for tourists would mean getting face-to-face to the country’s magnificent ancient spots, museums, cathedrals, and beautiful squares among others.

Overview of the City

A large metropolis located at the Moska River, Moscow had been witness to Russia’s rich history. Until now, it still continues to contribute to the country’s growth.

The city’s strong economy has been a constant attraction to many workers (even those illegal ones) not just from Russia but from all over the world as well. Moscow’s internal passport system which makes it illegal for non-residents to stay in the city longer than 90 days have proven ineffective as more and more people from the neighboring city find a way to come every year.

Architecture and Culture

Many of the city’s culture are manifested in its architecture. The St. Basil’s Cathedral and Kremlin for instance will give visitors a glimpse to Russia’s past. The latter will particularly take your breath away in awe and appreciation of the lavish palaces, churches, and armories surrounding it.

Getting in the City

Although Moscow promises a lot of things to explore and experience, getting in the city is not as easy as booking a flight and boarding the plane. Like many cities in Russia, strict visa requirements apply before one can travel to Moscow. You may need to make a thorough research of the things you need to acquire to get a visa going to the city.