Top Attractions

Aside from being home to many of the world’s billionaires, Moscow is also where one can find a number of breathtaking attractions and sights.  So when in the city, these places should be on top of your itinerary:

The Kremlin

The country’s mythic refuge, the self-contained city showcases a wide range of lavish palace, armories which feature rare diamond collection, and churches that somehow mirror Russia’s rich history.

For those who’ve been in the city, Kremlin will instantly spark images of shining onion domes, formidable walls, and some remnants of the city’s past rulers. However, the place’s name simply refers to a “fortified town”. When you’re there, you would easily understand why the Kremlin was named so.

Red Square

Located at Moscow’s hear, the Red Square has often been the first destination of many visitors in the city. It surrounded with some of the top architectural sites in Moscow. The square is made up of black cobbles (and not red!); its name came from the Russian word “krasniy” which means beautiful.

Lenin Mausoleum

Housing the embalmed body of Russian communist politician and Marxist revolutionary, the mausoleum will give visitors a glimpse on the life of the persuasive orator and political scientist. Everybody is free to come but cameras and phones have to be left in the luggage office.

Christ the Savior Cathedral

The reconstructed Christ the Savior Cathedral rise 103 meters above the city. It is considered to be the symbol of the city’s awakening. Characterized by glistening domes and crosses, the massive church is one beauty to behold in Moscow.

There are a lot more attractions to see in Moscow. These are just previews of what awaits you in the city.