When to Visit Moscow

Moscow promises a lot of things to see and experience to its visitors. However, it would be wise for tourists to know the best time to visit the city. After all, everybody would want to make the most of their stay in the city, right?

The city has humid continental climate. Its summers are warm and somewhat humid, while its winters are long and cold. Visitors who’d like to stroll around the city comfortably may schedule their visits from May through June (during late spring) or from September through October (early autumn) – when the parks in the city are filled with trees full of flowers and colourful leaves.

Summer can also be a good time to be in Moscow. Though hot, it will assure tourists of longer sunlight, thus, more time to navigate the city.

For those who want to be in the city during its festive mood, May and September should be your best option. Most of the holidays and festivals in the capital fall on these months.

Winters are often dark and will undeniably make you get your coats and sweaters. If you are in for an adventure though, this is the perfect time to take your furs and vodka and enjoy the picturesque snow-covered landscapes.

Scheduling your visit to Moscow is basically just a matter of answering how you’d like to spend your stay in the city. When you’ve settled on what activities you want to do or things you want to see, you can easily decide on the date of your visit.