Long Weekend

Up for a long weekend in Moscow? Then savor each moment of this time to explore, experience, and enjoy the beauty of this city.

Tagged by many to be a city of superlatives (as this has been home to many billionaires), tourists will not be disappointed staying in Moscow for the long weekend. Aside from its spectacular attractions, the city also boasts of is wide shopping and food options. Here are some things to include in your itinerary during this period:


Explore the city’s main streets and squares. Get your cameras ready as you capture the views of Moscow’s places of interests, such as the Bolshoy theatre, the Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Russian White House, and of course, the Red Square.

Never miss the chance to make an excursion at the Kremlin as well. Moscow’s historical center, the Kremlin will give you a glimpse of the city’s colorful past and rich culture. Enjoy the sight of its glistening palaces and landmarks that include cathedrals, churches, monuments and museums.

Food Trip

To be in a new place would also mean trying out the food inherent to it. In Moscow, there is a wide range of food options to choose from. Dine in at local restaurants that serve relatively cheap cuisines or splurge at one of Moscow’s luxuries dining establishments.

Metro Tour

Moscow has a number of metro stations, most of which are lavishly decorated with colored marbles, glass, bronze chandeliers, and sculptures.

Night Life

The city has one of Russia’s most lively and vigorous night life. Head to Tverskaya Street and experience non-stop fun and party found in many of its surrounding night spots.

Tourists will have a handful of activities in Moscow for the long weekend – that is, with proper planning and a little know-how of the city’s must-see places.