A weekend in Moscow may not be enough to explore the city completely. Thus, if this is the only time you have to stay in this magnificent place, you better make sure your itinerary is full-packed to make the most of your visit. Here are some of the things you can include on your list for your short vacation:

Visit the City’s Top Attractions

You do not have the luxury of time so don’t ever miss setting foot on Moscow’s top attractions, such as the Kremlin and the Red Square.

Translated in Russian as the “Fortified City”, the Kremlin is enough to compensate the limited time you have in the city with its wide variety of sights. Take photos of the different cathedrals or be in awe with the lavish and beautiful palaces. Don’t miss the diamond collection in one of the place’s armories.

The Red Square on the other hand is one of tourists’ main destinations in the city because of it is surrounded with a number of interesting spots aside from being an attraction itself. Here you will find the Lenin’s Mausoleum which houses the embalmed body of the Russian Marxist revolution icon and the spectacular St Basil’s Cathedral.

Experience the Gastronomy in the City

Because there is a mix of ethnicity in Moscow, tourists will have a wide option in terms of food. Craving for some ethnic dishes? You can choose from Azerbaijani cuisine to Turkish and Azerbaijani dishes, Georgian delicacy, and even Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines.

A weekend in Moscow may be a short time to fully experience the city, but this is already enough to appreciate the city’s beauty.