Learn Russian

A trip to Moscow would be incomplete without trying to learn a little bit of its language. After all, what would make your visit better than meeting new people and exchanging a few conversations using the Russian language?

So here are a few tips to learn Russian in Moscow:

Get a Russian Language Course

 If your intention is to stay a bit longer in the city, a Russian language course would not be a bad idea at all. Aside from giving you formal lessons about the language, enrolling yourself in a Russian language program will also help you to learn more about the city – including its culture and history.

Ask Around

While exploring the city and meeting new people, do not be ashamed to ask for free lessons on simple and common Russian phrases. Most of these locals would surely appreciate your interest to learning their language, thus, they would so willingly offer you their help.

Bring a Reference Material

If you do not find getting a Russian language course practical or are not that comfortable mingling with the city’s people, then consider bringing reference materials, such as a English-Russian dictionary. It may not be that comprehensive as a formal lesson nor as casual as in asking around, it would at least help you get through with your visit.

Other than making the most of your stay in Moscow, learning Russian could also be beneficial in a number of ways. After all, many would consider learning a new language a good investment.