As Russia’s economic, social, and cultural center among others, tourists will not find it hard to explore the city through Moscow transport. Depending on your destination, there is at least one or two transportation to serve you.


For those who want an easy and convenient way to get around the city, Moscow’s underground metro is by far the most pleasant and easiest means. In fact, it is considered to be among the world’s finest transport systems with many of its 150 stations lavishly decorated with mosaics, sculptures, and chandeliers. It is relatively inexpensive and very efficient despite its signage written in Russian (although it would help a lot if some were written in English just to make sure you are on the right station).

Moscow’s metro provide services until 1am. The fare is standard no matter how long the distance you’ve travelled, thus, unlimited transfers is allowed. If you plan to make a number of journeys, you can buy strips of tickets in advance and use it on all of the city’s public transport.


For overland transport, the city has trams and trolleybuses which serve areas not catered by the metro. It operates until 11pm. During rush hours, these transports get unpleasantly crowded. And compared to trains, tickets in Moscow buses must be validated right after boarding and are used for one single ride only.


For those who are not comfortable to taking a bus, a passenger van commonly known as “marshrutka” can be a good alternative. It follows the routes of the bus and stops on the passengers’ request.

There are also a number of unofficial cars and metered taxis as other alternatives. Fares on these vehicles are negotiated first to avoid overcharging.

There is always a choice for Moscow transport, whatever makes you comfortable and would take you to your desired destination in the city.