Travel to Moscow

Packed your bags for a travel to Moscow? Then first you should learn how to get in the city.

Here are some means to set your foot Russia’s main city:

On air

Getting in Moscow by plane would not be a problem to international travelers as there are a number of flights that caters to the city. In fact, Moscow has four main airports to accommodate all its travelers: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport, and Bykovo Airport (the smallest). With these airports, it is good to note that Moscow is Russia’s main air traffic hub.

On land

Moscow can be reached through three main land transportations: train, bus, and car.

The country’s main railway hub, Moscow is accessible even to people from all over Europe and Central Asia via train. It has nine train stations, of which eight are offering both local and international services.

Eurolines on the other hand, is the main bus line of Moscow. It caters even to those coming from London for £60.

For those who are more comfortable traveling with their own car, E30 road is a direct drive to Moscow from Belarus, Poland, and Germany. American citizens however, would still have to get a Belarusian visa for them to be able to pass through Belarus.

On sea

Getting to Moscow on board a ship is also possible, but may not be as convenient as getting in through a plane. There are two river terminals in the city, but both may not be able to allow huge ships to pass; passenger cruise ships with regular size may do so though.